Fuss-free Travel Experience

Our team of professionals strive to provide professional advice and 24/7 assistance, from time-consuming air ticket, accommodation, travel insurance and other travel related reservations, to complex visa applications, travel restrictions and health advisories, we have it all cover to provide a fuss-free travel experience for both the traveller arranger and traveller.

Pegasus provides a comprehensive travel management technology solutions for policy compliance, data analysis, duty of care, trip management and crisis management

From one way to point-to-point to complicated multiple cities flight booking, we propose the best flight route option within your company travel policy. We manage your booking with care such as your seat, meal and/or frequent flyer program arrangement.
Range from hotel to serviced apartment, we suggest a suitable place of stay at your ease of convenience. We handle your reservation with details such as your room requests and membership program.
We simplify the visa application process by advising you with all the necessary forms and documents requires for visa application. We collect the documents from you, submit the application on your behalf and return back to you once the visa is approved. All documents are handled with utmost safety by our own inhouse team without any engagement of 3rd party courier service.
Your safety is our utmost importance. Therefore we recommend appropriate travel insurance plan for each travel.
Leave it to us shall you ever need any arrangement, be it a rented car or private chartered vehicle service, or a train or ferry ticket.
For every single trip you travel, we provide the latest update on the ever-changing situation. Information such as travel restrictions, health advisories such as health vaccine or test, quarantine process and download of local tracking app seems to be the future travel trend.
Depending on your company’s requirements, we provide a wide range of technology-driven solutions for travel policy compliance, data analysis, duty of care, trip management and crisis management. We also suggest a suitable cost-saving travel programme for you.
We will be glad to keep in touch with you for further discussion