Pegasus Travel Management

Pegasus offers you comprehensive travel advisory and management

Providing our corporate customers ease and comfort in meeting their travel requirements is a core belief of Pegasus’ approach to client satisfaction and we have specially tailored our approach for you and your company. We conceptualize, plan and execute all your travel-related matters in a highly professional manner so that you are assured of consistency and reliability in your travel needs.

Pegasus also sees to your specialised needs such as a concierge service and meetings & incentives. This comprehensiveness provides a valorised needs such as concierge service and meetings & incentives. Our team of professional provide expertise and experience to meet your every travel matter. As our corporate customer, you will have a personal travel account manager. This comprehensiveness provides a value - added edge for you. With Pegasus’s accreditation from IATA and NATAS, you will receive top - notch service in managing your corporate travel matters.

Corporate Ticketing

Pegasus ensures speed and reliability in meeting your corporate travel needs. Our consultants provide professional advice and assistance in your company’s travel requirements, from reservations to visa and passport related matters, as well as accommodation, leisure arrangements, priority seating and check-in; proving a fuss-free travel experience for you and your company.

Pegasus also manages for your company the complete travel arrangement, including Frequent Flyers programme coordination as well as insurance and policy matters.

In addition, Pegasus prepares for each of your company travellers its travel report, as well as provides diagnosis of data and usage of such information for future plans.

Corporate Travel Needs

Corporate travel is the core of Pegasus’ business focus, and we bring both experience and confidence to you and your company. Because we understand the importance of ensuring high levels of quality service in this business, our staff are professionals who strive to maintain a personal relationship with you, allowing them to be tuned to your specific corporate needs. Your Company will have access to Pegasus’ plethora of exclusive ties to industries such as golf clubs, spa, resorts, as well as hotels and key travel sports locally regionally, specially selected to meet the different needs of your company players.

With the unique harnessing of technology, Pegasus offers to your company the convenience in enquiring and booking travel needs, be it online or through the phone.

Travel Concierge

Because we recognise the tedium of having to deal with the hassle of your corporate traveller’s every enquiry, Pegasus provides a concierge service that effectively lifts the problem from your hands.

We act as your enquiry arm by accepting and acting on the queries from your travellers in their needs. Furthermore, we can also assist your own in-house concierge by providing help in specialised area such as golf course enquiries and booking as well as travel-related requirements. With our extensive and close networks with industry players, you can be assured of the best and most competitive services.

Event Management, Corporate
Meetings & Incentives

Pegasus’ edge in event management comes from our strong relationship with both local and global travel and leisure partners, including hotels, golf clubs and spa resorts. As a certified travel firm, we personally see to every step in every of your event, be it local or overseas. This means you will always have the priority in airfares and flight scheduling, and in all other leisure needs.

Pegasus’ experience in the conceptualisation and implementation of these events means that you will leave a team of professionals taking care of your event at all times.

We provide a comprehensive and the detailed structure to the planning and rolling out of your MICE events, taking care to align each with your overarching corporate objectives.