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Otaru, the sea entrance of Hokkaido

When selecting the location for a trip, most travellers tend to prefer places that have the basic nod of approval, but are not thronged by foreigners. A destination with lots of places to visit can often also lose the X-Factor. A particular location within Japan has a beautiful way of living, coupled with an extremely good atmosphere is Otaru. Otaru is a very small harbor city, located near the northwest of Sapporo. The captivating canal area and the herring mansions make the place stand out as an unforgettable vacation. 

From the incipient of the civilization in the area, Otaru served as a fruitful fishing harbor. The city center of Otaru is a brilliant representation of the rich history that it enjoyed as a major fishing harbor and a trade center in Hokkaido. Once you are in in Otaru, some of the places that must be on your schedule are: 

Sakaimachi Street

Sakaimachi Street is a brilliantly preserved street from Otaru’s rich days as a trading hub. The street is a short walk away from the canal area and speaks volumes about the history that Otaru once enjoyed. What’s interesting is that almost all of the previous offices for merchants have been converted into brilliant restaurants and cafes. 

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Herring Mansions

The history of Otaru revolves around the success of the herring fishing industry. A majority of the catch from the fishing industry was incorporated into the fertilizers, rather than being consumed. The leading fishing enterprises made a huge fortune during the heyday. Now, it serves as a relic where fishermen’s tools and living conditions can be experienced by visitors.

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Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

If you ever pass through the region during the month of February, make sure that you visit the Snow Light Path Festival taking place in Otaru. The city is decorated with shiny yellow and white lights which illuminate nearby areas and form a soothing environment. Furthermore, snow statues are also made to add to the beauty that is created through the illuminating light. 

The food and the culture within the city are exemplary and help in creating the perfect tranquil environment for all those who visit. 

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